DIY Debate: Finding the Best Fit to Build Your Website

Let’s talk about DIY websites.

Are you looking to have a new website built, or to update your existing one? You could hire someone to design and develop a fully functioning site for you. But, with their growing popularity, you might find yourself looking into DIY website builders – like Wix, or Squarespace. A DIY website might be the perfect fit for your needs. However, there are a few things you should consider before investing your time and money. Read more +

The Age of Exceptional – PCBC 2017

At Greenhaus, we never shy away from an opportunity to engage in a thoughtful discussion about a place – offering up our point of view on what makes it great, or providing advice on where it has opportunities to improve. We don’t just love going places, we love decoding them, studying them, breaking them down, reconfiguring, learning about them from various perspectives – all to uncover what makes a place a crowd-pleaser, or not. Read more +

The Conversion Question

Google recently put attribution back in the forefront thanks to their emphasis on the topic during the recent Google Marketing Next event, an annual meeting to promote the company’s plans for ad products and analytics. Their goal? To end the focus on last click attribution. Read more +

Can you market a tourism destination by leading with the locals instead of the attractions?

Just over a year ago, Greenhaus added Rob Petrie and Paul Whitbeck to its leadership team, with more than 45 years of collective experience to help grow our agency’s client roster in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Now, we’ve done just that – with the addition of several new destination and tourism clients. Most recently: Visit Oceanside and The Resort at Pelican Hill. Read more +

Traditionally Speaking

I was listening to a podcast last week, and the woman being interviewed was talking about how family and relationship structures were changing, and so our rituals and traditions should also be expected to change. Read more +

The Dev is in the Details

Website development, as you’d probably imagine, is constantly evolving. But what might surprise you is that in this ever expanding world, one of the most crucial features is so small, you may not even realize it’s there. Read more +

Personal Investment: Why Brand Keywords are Essential in Paid Search

As the Greenhaus paid-search specialist, I field lots of client questions about why to bid on branded keywords—the ones that contain their own brand name. Their top concern? That it’s a waste of money to run ads for keywords on which their organic listings will show. Here’s what I tell them: Branded keywords can be one of the most important tools in your paid-search campaign. Read more +

The Art of Place: Lessons in placemaking learned from a Tasmanian museum.

I am not a fan of gambling. I am, however, a fan of the visual arts. I had never thought I would discuss the two activities in the same breath—that was until MONA, the Museum of New and Old Art, came into existence. Founded in 2011 by Tasmanian millionaire David Walsh, MONA is the largest privately funded museum in Australia. This cultural tour de force has transformed the economy and economic landscape of the city it’s within—Hobart, Tasmania. It’s an excellent case study in placemaking, compliments of the calculated risk taking of a man who made his fortune in professional gambling. Read more +