Street Scene: How do you come up with those names, anyway?

Marion (my fellow Greenhaus copywriter) and I were comparing notes on naming strategies the other day. It was a topical conversation: We’re both currently working on street names for new communities at the moment. Mid-convo, as is wont to happen around the ‘haus, a non-copywriter joined us. Which led to this inevitable question: Where do you start? Read more +

What’s Age Got to Do With It?

Maybe nothing at all.

About 20 times a day, an ad for WeWork shows up in my Facebook feed. You’ve heard of WeWork, right? The beautifully designed, seemingly hipsterville, industry-leading  co-working spaces popping up all around the globe? Now, given, the communal office space concept isn’t exactly big news anymore. But still, WeWork is taking the concept to another level. How? With their offshoot, WeLive, which is definitely innovative and newsworthy. Read more +

Mobile Video: The Latest MVP

Mobile advertising in general has been around for years, but began to see significant upticks in 2015.  Since then, it’s seen consistent year-over-year increases as people spend more and more time on their mobile devices searching for information, entertainment, etc. How much more time? According to one recent study, we’re currently spending about 5 hours a day on our phones. Read more +

My Favo(u)rite Colo(u)r: Learning to Write in American

In the other hemisphere of our glorious globe floats the expansive continent where I was born: Australia. The very name itself conjures up images of bounding marsupials, bronzed skin and red dirt deserts. It’s a young nation bound to some rather outdated stereotypes involving that’s not a knife and a boxing kangaroo. But I assure you; they’re only half true. Read more +

Revenge of the Nerds

For the third year in a row I sit in front of my laptop on a Saturday morning, defeated. For more than an hour I waited in the queue, hoping to get even a single ticket. But alas, San Diego Comic-con International has sold out—yet again. No re-sale, no round two, and the event is completely scalper-proof. Read more +

Orange Alert: Breaking Down the Guerrilla OC/SF Takeover

The Orange County Visitors Association is one of our unique clients. They are a group of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) coming together and pooling their collective resources—the embodiment of a “rising tide floats all boats” mentality. When they asked Greenhaus to see what we could do to make Orange County top-of-mind for San Franciscans thinking about a winter vacation escape, a guerrilla campaign was the answer. Read more +