Orange Alert: Breaking Down the Guerrilla OC/SF Takeover

The Orange County Visitors Association is one of our unique clients. They are a group of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) coming together and pooling their collective resources—the embodiment of a “rising tide floats all boats” mentality. When they asked Greenhaus to see what we could do to make Orange County top-of-mind for San Franciscans thinking about a winter vacation escape, a guerrilla campaign was the answer. Read more +

Oceanside: Where the Getting’s Good

I got some sad news today. Lovely people who are friends of mine, Aaron and Marci Flores, are closing their beautiful shop, The Cheese Store, in Little Italy. Their last day of business will be February 26, so please, for the love of Camembert, go indulge in a fine French fromage or gooey serving of their housemade mac-and-cheese while you still can. Read more +

A Case for Out-stream Video

Here at Greenhaus, we love staying up to date on the latest technology, formats and capabilities in the world of digital advertising. And we also love the opportunity to help our clients be on the forefront of testing new advancements that will effectively and efficiently reach their audience and achieve goals. Read more +

5 Things I Learned about Sales and Marketing from my Italian Honeymoon

Think about it: Honeymooners are dreamy marketing marks. You’re euphoric, rhapsodic and receptive to dazzle. Traveling with my new husband through Italy in a state of honeymoon-amplified awareness, the lessons (Do this! Definitely don’t do that!) were just pouring in. So I jotted a few down. Read more +