Programmatic Media And The Future Of Ad Buying

I was lucky enough to attend the San Diego Ad Club’s Programmatic Media Workshop, where groups from San Diego agencies, publishers, startups and brands got together to discuss how programmatic media is changing the way digital advertising is bought, sold and used to reach the target consumer. Read more +

We’re Now a Google Partner Agency

Big news on the media front: Greenhaus is proud to announce our new designation as a Google Partner agency, on the heels of our Paid Media team’s completion of multiple certification tests. Read more +

The Greenhaus Guide to Seductive Adjectives

We’ve always maintained that places are a lot like people, in terms of general attributes and appeal.

We’re not psychologists, but would venture to guess that the part of the brain that registers affinity and likability works pretty much the same whether it’s a person or a place that’s being considered. Read more +

No More Words: The Age of the Nameless Logo

Quick—think of a brand, any brand. Doesn’t even have to be a favorite. Any brand. Even one you might not like.

So, what came to mind? Did you see a specific product, place, or person? Did the thought conjure up an experience?   Read more +