No More Words: The Age of the Nameless Logo

Quick—think of a brand, any brand. Doesn’t even have to be a favorite. Any brand. Even one you might not like.

So, what came to mind? Did you see a specific product, place, or person? Did the thought conjure up an experience?   Read more +

One Name, Two Worlds.

There was a Wall Street Journal story recently on the anniversary of Bauhaus in Germany and it occurred to me that it might be time to explain, twenty years later, the genesis of our Greenhaus name. Read more +

Now Playing: Four Trends to Watch in Online Video Advertising

Just last week, Pinterest made headlines with the release of Promoted Videos, a big move for a company looking to increase value ahead of their IPO. For the first time, platform advertisers can reach their target audiences with video content; and with the digital pin-boarding community’s 100 million active monthly users, it’s likely to be a successful product launch. Read more +

Dynamic Ads: Facebook Advertising Ups the Ante

If your brand is utilizing paid ads on Facebook, the latest Dynamic Ad updates will be the greatest thing since the creation of the Snuggie. They improve effectiveness, increase opportunities and increase goal conversions. Not bad, right? Read more +

What’s In a Name?

I speak two languages: English, which is my mother tongue, and French, which is my adopted one. But as of late, I feel like I should say I speak three, because I now speak the language of names.

If you’ve had children, you know the excitement and the agony of naming. For that matter, you know it well if you’ve ever named a cat or a dog. Read more +

Glamping in San Diego and Beyond

Want to get away from it all, without going too far? Love the Great Outdoors but love your creature comforts a little more? Like the idea of camping, except the parts involving carrying gear, driving in tent stakes and trying to start a fire with wet firewood and an empty Bic lighter? Glamping might be your perfect vacation. Read more +