Happy Place: Some of the best destinations (and most successful people) harness the power of positive thinking.

Happiness—in life, business, with family and friendships. Seems more and more wherever I look, the evidence mounts that it’s a choice, and directly correlated to success in all of them.

I had a hunch about this before. Since my kids were old enough to understand what in the world I was talking about, I’ve been telling them, ‘Let your attitude determine your altitude—not the other way around.” Read more +

Hospitality and Humanoids.

We’ve been inventing machines to make processes more profitable for a pretty long time. From the sewing machine, to the car wash, to the bank teller turned ATM, businesses in all industries have found ways to save money by replacing humans with machines. And with minimum wages ever increasing, and technology getting more and more sophisticated, the humanoids are even beginning to infiltrate the hospitality industry.

Ch, ch, ch, changes…

It begins with booking, where the Expedias, Pricelines, Kayaks, and Travel Pirates have nearly replaced the travel agent.

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Everything is Everything: How MoMa’s gallery redesign explains the way we now see the world.

Here’s a fun chicken-or-the-egg-type of question: Do dominant attitudes toward process, organization and categorization follow culture, or define it? Is a person intrinsically into structure, or are they led to think that way by virtue of environmental influences?

I would have answered this question differently before reading “A Debate is Raging in the Museum World—And Design is at the Center .” I would have said that our innate and individual attitude toward structure colors our perceptions making us more or less comfortable toward different cultural manifestations. Read more +

Active App Users: A smart take on outdoor adventure in San Diego

According to active.com, San Diego ranks as the third most active city in the country, just behind Minneapolis and Washington D.C.  It isn’t surprising with all there is to do here—from hiking the back trails, to hang gliding over Torrey Pines, to every ocean sport imaginable, San Diego has it all.

At Greenhaus, we love a great app and have worked with clients to develop their own to help bring a destination to life. Even for locals, often the best way to find your next adventure is with one of the many recreational apps available. Read more +

Marketing on the Brain – What Cheetos can teach us about tapping into the pleasure zone

Staying on top of new research regarding marketing trends and insights is what sets us apart. And sometimes you come across something that is just too interesting and awesome not to share.

Case in point, a recent article in Forbes, “Neuromarketing: Tapping Into the ‘Pleasure Center’ of Consumers“.

Here’s how Google defines the field. Neuromarketing: A field of marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.  Cool, right?

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Smarter than Average: Three ways technology is improving home—or is it?

Wow. What. A. Day.

Conference calls, emails, meetings, and your coffee never quite kicked in. And after stop-and-go traffic on the way home, you’re finally—finally!—pulling into your driveway.

Helllooo, home.

As you pull into your driveway, your garage door senses your car and opens for you. When you’re a few steps away from your front door, it unlocks. Read more +

Third is the New First: Anticipating the next wave in amenities

Whether you are 5 or 55+, amenities are one of the biggest draws to living in a master-planned community. Who wouldn’t want an incredible [INSERT COOL COMMUNITY THING] overlooking the [INSERT COOL COMMUNITY FEATURE] that you never have to personally maintain or clean?

But the “it” amenity, the one that drives sales, is in flux. Remember when a home on the golf course was the ultimate in luxury? Read more +

The Multigenerational Home: No longer just for Island Living

Like most Hawaiian kids, I spent a good part of my youth living in my grandparent’s house. The number of other family members also living there swelled and contracted through the year, mostly during school breaks and the summer months, but the presence of my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and their five children, plus 3 other cousins, was fairly constant. When I moved to California with my folks as a teenager, I went from being one of many, to being an only child in the house. Culture shock? Words couldn’t describe the loss I felt.

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A Greenhaus vet celebrating her own milestone reflects on the last 10 of the agency’s 20 years

When I arrived on the scene at Greenhaus in March 2003, a transplant from Orlando, Florida,Greenhaus was located on the corner of Front and University in Hillcrest and was busting through the seams of its small space. The agency had just hit its decade milestone, and I was the first Account Executive hired with specific real estate marketing experience, having just come off 3 years in real estate marketing in Orlando. Before that, I’d worked in public relations for the resort and destinations vertical at the largest agency in the Southwest.   Read more +

Office Politics 2016: Place-making and the art of the campaign HQ

Does it matter that Ted Cruz has a Dr. Pepper machine in his Senate office*? And when Bernie Sanders was looking at Brooklyn neighborhood Gowanus for his New York campaign HQ, was he wooed by its history as a superfund site? What does the tie rack hanging in Donald Trump’s office at Trump Towers signify? And what, if anything, should be read into Hillary Clinton maintaining both a Downtown Brooklyn office and a Manhattan HQ on West 45th Street? Read more +