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Greenhaus is a destination advertising company. We are students of people and places, style and substance, desire and dreams. We are students of place making. READ MORE

And places are everywhere you look. Each filled with sensation and meaning. From the chair you inhabit to far-flung continents waiting to be revealed. Places, large and small, combined with moments in time, create a world of opportunity in our minds. Places we know. And places we simply imagine. Our job is to invest places with sensory, symbolic and emotive power to drive awareness, interest, trial and resonance. To bring places to people, and people to places, in a highly refined manner.


People choose places for the same two reasons they choose each other: chemistry and compatibility. We craft platforms and marketing strategies that create rapport on both fronts—with an approach that’s unique in each marketplace. READ MORE

We believe places are not just where you are going or where you have been. Places are the moments between celebration and contemplation, laughter and serenity. They are the well-worn armchairs, the sun-drenched porch, your favorite booth, or that special holiday hideaway. This is the power of a place and essence, all infused with sensations, associations and memories.

Place settings

Mainstream places, boutique places. Urban, suburban and rural places. Edgy, edifying and euphoric places. Move-up, luxury and vacation places. Established places, emerging places. Every conceivable-life-stage places. Yep, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

We Go
& Grow

We’ve worked far enough afield to know that every state, region, city, town and setting has a distinct culture, calling and code to crack. We assume nothing, everywhere we work.

The work

We are brand architects and place makers.

We create perceptual roadmaps based on consumer insight that drive graphic identity and signage programs, launch plans, paid, owned and earned media, viral and event marketing, website development and social media strategies, merchandising and selling. All the touch points in the customer journey. READ MORE

Greenhaus has combined decades of experience to create a well-rounded traditional and digital marketing agency. In twenty years, we have tailored our approach to fit the consumer landscape. We leverage every advertising platform from video production to optimized web design, eye-catching billboards to stunning brochures. Our advertising strategy allows us to develop emotionally compelling messaging that inspires action.

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Greenhaus. 20+ YEARS AND KICKING. Up markets. Down markets. Generational and ethnic shifts. Emerging, changing design and lifestyle trends. New communications platforms. Interactive and experiential opportunities. We never stop learning, adapting, expanding and growing.

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Our website is nothing more than a snapshot and introduction. To learn more about who we are, how we work and — most importantly — what we’re like to work with, drop us a line or give us a ring. We’d be happy to fill in all the blanks.

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