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A Case for Out-stream Video

Here at Greenhaus, we love staying up to date on the latest technology, formats and capabilities in the world of digital advertising. And we also love the opportunity to help our clients be on the forefront of testing new advancements that will effectively and efficiently reach their audience and achieve goals.

We were recently tasked with helping a Master Planned Community drive greater awareness among home shoppers who are also outdoor enthusiasts. And with a somewhat limited budget, we looked to new opportunities in the online space to utilize their video assets to help achieve this goal.

Enter out-stream video. Also referred to as native video, out-stream video has been called “the new wave of video advertising”. These out-stream video units play independent of (outside of) other video content—not your typical pre-, mid- or post-roll video ad that plays within (in-stream) a publisher’s video content.

We partnered with Teads, a leading out-stream video solution, to build a campaign with multiple layers of targeting to reach in-market home shoppers who are also outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to reaching the right eyeballs regardless of what site they visited, out-stream ad placements allowed new contextually relevant opportunities within content.

A win-win for both the client and the consumer due to the dynamic user experience out-stream provides, out-stream video content is not obtrusive and does not act as a barrier to the other content the user wants to see. In fact, a user can simply make the video disappear anytime, and the advertiser is charged on a CPCV (cost per completed view), meaning that they only pay for consumers who become truly engaged and make the decision to watch the advertiser’s content in its entirety.

In the end, we efficiently reached our audience and drove greater awareness with video content across premiums sites like Runner’s World, Forbes and Architectural Digest. Across the 6 week campaign, the video was viewed to completion more than 36,000 times—a campaign completion rate of 29.17%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 10-15%. And while the campaign goals were awareness and not direct response, overall, the campaign resulted in a CTR of 2.03%, exceeding Tead’s benchmarks—further evidence of content and brand engagement.

Speaking of direct response, while video advertising is typically seen as an upper funnel awareness tactic, this same out-stream video partner just introduced custom video augmentation capabilities to build interactive elements directly within the out-stream asset, to help increase engagement and drive other KPIs besides awareness. Stay tuned for more on that—we might have something up our sleeves.


[Kelsey Schneider is the Media Director at Greenhaus. With nearly 12 years of experience in the industry, she loves staying on top of the latest Ad Tech advancements. When she’s not at Greenhaus, you can find her exploring Southern California’s beaches and wondering why she didn’t move to San Diego sooner.]

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