Dynamic Ads: Facebook Advertising Ups the Ante

If your brand is utilizing paid ads on Facebook, the latest Dynamic Ad updates will be the greatest thing since the creation of the Snuggie. They improve effectiveness, increase opportunities and increase goal conversions. Not bad, right? Read more +

What’s In a Name?

I speak two languages: English, which is my mother tongue, and French, which is my adopted one. But as of late, I feel like I should say I speak three, because I now speak the language of names.

If you’ve had children, you know the excitement and the agony of naming. For that matter, you know it well if you’ve ever named a cat or a dog. Read more +

Glamping in San Diego and Beyond

Want to get away from it all, without going too far? Love the Great Outdoors but love your creature comforts a little more? Like the idea of camping, except the parts involving carrying gear, driving in tent stakes and trying to start a fire with wet firewood and an empty Bic lighter? Glamping might be your perfect vacation. Read more +

The New Scenic Route

Trails are showing up at the top of community amenity most-wanted lists – and for good reason. Walking, jogging, and biking are all straight-forward ways to get fresh air and exercise.

There’s something about breathing, thinking and feeling that come together when engaged in this kind of movement that produces both relaxation and alertness – an optimal state for feeling the wholeness and interconnectedness of things. Read more +

Happy Place: Some of the best destinations (and most successful people) harness the power of positive thinking.

Happiness—in life, business, with family and friendships. Seems more and more wherever I look, the evidence mounts that it’s a choice, and directly correlated to success in all of them.

I had a hunch about this before. Since my kids were old enough to understand what in the world I was talking about, I’ve been telling them, ‘Let your attitude determine your altitude—not the other way around.” Read more +

Hospitality and Humanoids.

We’ve been inventing machines to make processes more profitable for a pretty long time. From the sewing machine, to the car wash, to the bank teller turned ATM, businesses in all industries have found ways to save money by replacing humans with machines. And with minimum wages ever increasing, and technology getting more and more sophisticated, the humanoids are even beginning to infiltrate the hospitality industry.

Ch, ch, ch, changes…

It begins with booking, where the Expedias, Pricelines, Kayaks, and Travel Pirates have nearly replaced the travel agent.

Read more +

Everything is Everything: How MoMa’s gallery redesign explains the way we now see the world.

Here’s a fun chicken-or-the-egg-type of question: Do dominant attitudes toward process, organization and categorization follow culture, or define it? Is a person intrinsically into structure, or are they led to think that way by virtue of environmental influences?

I would have answered this question differently before reading “A Debate is Raging in the Museum World—And Design is at the Center .” I would have said that our innate and individual attitude toward structure colors our perceptions making us more or less comfortable toward different cultural manifestations. Read more +

Active App Users: A smart take on outdoor adventure in San Diego

According to active.com, San Diego ranks as the third most active city in the country, just behind Minneapolis and Washington D.C.  It isn’t surprising with all there is to do here—from hiking the back trails, to hang gliding over Torrey Pines, to every ocean sport imaginable, San Diego has it all.

At Greenhaus, we love a great app and have worked with clients to develop their own to help bring a destination to life. Even for locals, often the best way to find your next adventure is with one of the many recreational apps available. Read more +