Facebook Launches Canvas Ads

Exciting news in the world of mobile and social advertising…On February 25th, Facebook launched their newest ad format – Canvas. Canvas ads are a new post-click, full-screen, immersive mobile ad experience designed to allow brands a platform – or canvas – for deeper storytelling and brand engagement.


How do Canvas ads work?

When users click on a Facebook Newsfeed ad built with Canvas, instead of clicking through to an external landing page, the user is taken to a full screen rich media page that loads almost instantaneously within Facebook.

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Is Your Mobile Site Fast Enough? AMP it Up.

Spurred by technological advances from the Pony Express to the telegraph to email to social media, we’ve evolved into a rather impatient and demanding society. Mobile is the latest frontier, where a good user experience is now critical to your digital marketing success.

But users aren’t just looking for a well-designed mobile-friendly site; they also demand speed—and punish sites that don’t deliver. Recent reports found that 57% of users will not recommend a website if the mobile site is poorly designed; 40% of users reported that they would go to a competitor’s site if they were unhappy; 30% of those will never return to the offending site. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are looking at a 40% loss in traffic. With the top 100 mobile sites averaging 4.8 second load time, and Google pushing for 1 second load times, it’s easy to see why this need for speed has been keeping digital marketers up at night.

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Celebrating 20 Years: An Open Letter from Craig Fuller

When I was a kid, I remember different scenes on TV where the retiring old guy is presented with a gold watch for twenty years of faithful service. Twenty years seems like forever when you’re eight years old.

Yet, here we are, celebrating our 20th birthday – and somehow feeling more like adolescents, full of restless energy, and big dreams than seniors coasting on laurels, or settling into a less hectic routine.

It’s not hard to understand why. Most obviously, our staff is weighted more on the 20 and 30 something side than the 50 and 60 something side. So we’re not only young at heart – we’re young, in fact. Read more +